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The History of Gr8 Elite
The Beast Elite Ducks Football Organization was founded in 2014 in Buffalo, New York. During the Global Covid Pandemic, Beast Elite Ducks was rebranded as the Gr8 Elite Ducks and in a short time rose to become a nationally ranked traveling organization.

This organization was created by strong leadership and a clear vision of improving the neighborhood by giving children a safe environment to learn and grow. The Ducks have focused not just on football but also building character, leadership and strong team pride while pushing students academically. This family orientated organization has had a successful run both on and off the field, traveling with players and competing in high stakes games out of town. The reputation the Ducks have created is recognized both locally and nationally and has provided children a great deal of experience and better preparing them for high school athletics.

Amidst a global pandemic, the Gr8 Elite gathered players and coaches from various little league organizations within Buffalo to play together at no cost to parents. Players were provided with equipment, two brand new sets of equipment, practice/travel outfit, a book bag and were not charged any travel costs. Through personal contributions, the Ducks Organization made sure that players could still safely do what they loved without adding any financial burden to families during an extraordinarily difficult time. 

The team traveled only when travel permitted them to do so safely and followed strict COVID-19 Safety Measures.  Participating in Gr8 Elite was not just about football, it was about giving the youth hope and support during the pandemic. 

Players received continued mentoring, and academic support from coaches all while following strict COVID protocols. This organization recognizes the needs of the youth in this community and accomplished something in one year’s time that no other organization has done within New York state. 

Being nationally ranked and earning that recognition speaks volumes to the talent, discipline and work ethic that exists within the City of Buffalo. Gr8 Elite continues in their 2023 season to develop top athletes in Western New York with players coming from Pennsylvania, & Syracuse to train with some of the area’s top coaches. 

It is the organization’s mission to produce student athletes that excel both in the classroom and on the field. Implementing academic support and mentoring programs have been the main priority knowing how important it is to develop well rounded athletes. It is Gr8 Elite’s goal to prepare the youth for competitive football beyond little league and ensure that these athletes achieve success in all areas of their life.

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